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Older Adults

"Britain has an ageing population". We hear it regularly on the news. This means that each year the average age of the population and the number and proportion of older people in the population is increasing.

The Government Census of 2011 states "the percentage of the population aged 65 and over was the highest seen in any census at 16.4 per cent, that is one in six people in the population was 65 and over".

But what does this actually mean to Best Life Advocacy in Cumbria… It means more people may need our help.

At Best Life Advocacy we are passionate about the issues older adults face including loneliness, isolation, and lack of respect from society. We value the contribution older adults make to our communities, recognising the extensive skill set on offer, and we will strive to break down barriers older adults may face.

We will support people to access the services they need and work hard to have their feelings, wishes, values and beliefs central to any decision making processes. We will endeavour to build positive relationships with other organisations including Age UK and Alzheimer´s Society to ensure people get the best possible opportunities to lead their best life.

Case Studies

Here are some case studies of situations where advocacy helped:

Bill took a fall in his home when tending to his beloved pigeons and was immediately admitted to hospital with a suspected broken hip. On further exploration, the hospital finds Bill´s hip is not broken. When Bill recovers, he quickly realises that his family think he would be safer in a residential home. Bill feels all he needs is some support in his home, he is a big part of his local community, he doesn´t want to lose touch with his neighbours and he knows his pigeons wouldn´t be able to move with him. A Best Life Advocate helped Bill communicate his feelings to his family who agreed to support Bill´s decision. The advocate then helped Bill access the support he needed through Adult Social Care and Care Line including a personal alarm. Bill is now back at home with his pigeons, still a big part of his community.

Maureen walked to the shops every day until some School children started calling her names and shouting rude remarks about her age. This escalated and Maureen had empty bottles thrown at her. A Best Life Advocate gave Maureen information on Hate Crime and supported Maureen to report the incidents to the Police. The Police spoke to the School and the children, helping them to understand the consequences of their actions and now the children regularly volunteer at the local day centre.

Roy was feeling very lonely after his wife passed away. His family lived at the other end of the Country and he didn´t want to ‘burden’ them with his worries. One day while walking into town he just happened to pass a Best Life Building. While he was reading a poster in the window, a Best Life Advocate invited him in for a cup of tea. Roy and the Best Life Advocate got talking and eventually Roy felt comfortable enough to speak of his loneliness. The Best life Advocate gave Roy lots of information on local support groups and even went along with Roy the first few times so he didn´t feel nervous. Now Roy doesn´t have time to call in to the Best Life Building for a cuppa!

Services available for Older Adults

Below are a list of various adult services available across Cumbria, with links to the relevant websites.

Dementia support groups across Cumbria. They offer information, advice and guidance to carers as well as those living with a dementia.

Provides lots of information about what is being done to support those people living with a dementia in Cumbria. Provides details of forums people can attend for information, advice and support.

Support groups are available across Cumbria to provide practical advice and support for people living with Parkinson's disease.

Wired is a Stroke support service commissioned by Cumbria County Council.

Information, advice and support to over 50's. The project can support you to maximise your income and manage finances.

Meals on wheels are a hot two course meal provided by Cumbria County Council Adult Social Care and delivered to your home by a volunteer.

Enables members of the public and professionals to make referrals to Cumbria County Council's Adult Social Care service to request an assessment of social care need.

Provides you with details of the eligibility criteria to define who is able to receive community care services.

Has a vast amount of information available to support people to access a range of services including help at home, occupational therapy services and direct payments.

Telecare provides services such as alarms to detect carbon monoxide, fires and smoke as well as bogus callers. They also provide monitors that can tell if a person has stopped moving, has had a fall or has left the property.

Free fire alarm safety checks are available from local Fire and Rescue services throughout Cumbria.

Cumbria County Council has a vast amount of information and support available on their website from emotional support and counselling to being discharged from hospital.